Everyones Create ​

The company’s customers are individuals and entities that want to license, publish, sell and exchange a digital product or brand they own or create on the global NFT market and trading platform. Based on the contract, the company buys the product from these customers, which the company delivers to the market and after the sale pays the customer the price agreed in the contract for the product.

The company’s customers are also companies and entities that want to develop their own business with the help of NFT technology. For such entities, Everyone Create can also offer a service as a consulting service.

Products are sold through marketplaces and trading platforms. Customers who buy products are registered users of marketplaces and trading platforms, who as buyers do not have a direct customer relationship with the company, but the marketplace or trading platform forwards the payment from the buyer to the company. In this sense, they are not customers in the traditional way, like ordinary consumer customers.