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“The world is crazier than all of my works combined.”

The crazy king is the first nft series we have licensed.

#CrazyKing (EOCK) is not just a collection of 3333 unique CrazyKing NFT. Unique digital collectibles living on shadow of #AcidTower.

Getting one of our NFTs will not only make you owner of NFT, will also give you the pass to the huge prizes and story of #CrazyKing interactive world rescue operation and made world better place to live.

Like donations, paying profits, rewards & airdrops to # CrazyKing (EOCK) owners.

This is only first step for #CrazyKing.

Next ones are couple of threat, those are interactive and you can influence things.

Threat #1

  • The polar glaciers melt, no worries, save them by “EOCK-ice cube machine” -NFT (upcoming from x pieces)

Threat #2

  • Primeval forests are burning, no worries save them by “EOCK-Powder Extinguisher” –NFT (those are so called “Second Hand aka recycled” upcoming from x pieces)
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