Everyones Create ​

Let your creativity
​conquer the world

We digitize your art

Everyones create is a service for you who want to create digital art in a new and modern way.

We create an NFT work from your art and take it to a market that is growing explosively. We create digital success!

Your art can be pictures, poems, compositions, paintings, the only limit is your imagination.

How does the service work?

The market area is the whole world

Everyones Create’s business idea is to bring licensed NFT sets to the market and to sell and market them on NFT marketplaces globally, with the entire world as its market area.

The target group is the arts

An important target group is the arts and especially digital or digitized works of art, for which NFT technology can be used to offer a new global market and gain wide global visibility and new customers for digital art.

Increases the brand's digital value

With the help of NFT technology, the value of existing trade names and business brands can be increased by making already known brands and brand marks into new digital products for companies with the help of NFT technology, which customers can acquire and thus increase the digital value of the brands.

New digital products

With the help of NFT technology, it is also possible to make digital products for companies, which can also be used as means of exchange, for example in marketing and selling the company’s products.

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